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Pakistani Mujra

The Top 12 Best Pakistani Mujra Dance Videos

Mujra is a dance form that was created by the tawaifs from the Mughal Era. This dance was a mix of Kathaks, Ghazals, and Thumris music and indigenous dances. Mujra is used in performances for the royal and wealthy families. Most performances are done in mehfils and at special houses known as kothas. This dance was passed down from mother to daughter and is considered a family traditional custom.


Malayalam Old Songs

25 Best Malayalam Old Songs of All Time

Malayalam old songs, an endless ocean of music. Submerge yourself into the depth of the beauty of Malayalam old songs and get in tune with the beat of your heart.

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Punjabi Songs

50 Greatest Punjabi Songs of All Time

Punjabi songs are one of most amazing beats from the world of Indian music and we are introducing them to you through this list of the 50 Greatest Punjabi Songs.

Kannada Old Songs

25 Kannada Old Songs You Need To Hear

If you are curious about what Kannada Songs are then you have come to the right Place. We also provided a list of the best Kannada old songs for you to enjoy.